Teambuilding event in Kassel

01. June 2022 by fbal

Teambuilding is important, even if you don't work together every day. Our team is spread all over Germany and is working daily at the respective customers in different projects. The company-internal communication mainly takes place via virtual meetings. But in order to strengthen the team awareness among the employees of Behrens Projektmanagement as well, and to enable ideas, suggestions and exchange of opinions, we met on 20.05.2022 in Kassel to master a few special tasks. The event was led by Stefan Weil, national coach of the German Disabled Sports Association, who achieved second place with his team at the 2021 Paralympics in Tokyo.

Due to his several years of experience as a trainer for people with visual impairments, he knows a lot about team building and confidence building. He introduced us to these directly with his first task. We were divided into four groups of six people each. Four people got a blindfold with which we had to build up a tent blindfolded (under the guidance of another person who was allowed to instruct but not to intervene). The sixth person documented the game. Attention was paid to points such as: "How did the communication go?", "Was there a distribution of roles?", "What could go better?". For the extra motivation boost, the whole thing was designed as a competition: The first person to set up the tent won.

After reviewing the challenge we had just completed, we all sat down together in the hotel's own restaurant for lunch, where we were able to exchange ideas further. The eventful and instructive day in Kassel came to an end with the subsequent "World Café", where five questions from the field of leadership and teambuilding were discussed. A special thank you goes to Stefan Weil - and of course to our boss, who organized this day for us. Finally, here are some impressions of our team-building event:

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