3 questions for Thilo Schmidt

3 questions for Thilo Schmidt

18. December 2020 von Anna Ferrante

The spice often lies in brevity. In our "3 questions for..." section, we ask our employees three questions about their projects, job or current topics. In this interview, Thilo Schmidt gives us a few insights into his job as a project manager. We are interested in what he likes about his job, what exciting projects he can remember and what skills a project manager needs.

What is the best thing about your job? That's the change. I work for various companies for the duration of a project. I get to know many pharmaceutical and medical technology companies personally and am directly involved in the implementation of exciting projects. As an external employee, I immerse myself in different teams and enrich my professional network with new valuable contacts.

What was your most exciting project? I learned my craft, the qualification of systems, from 2013 to 2016 at Boehringer Ingelheim. The most exciting project, however, was at Novartis Manufacturing GmbH in Marburg in 2017/18. Here, as part of a new building/conversion project, I was able to get to know new systems such as fermentation tanks, separators, ultra-pure media and thus expand my knowledge. Although there was a constant pressure of time in this project, I had a lot of fun because I had never worked on a project of this size before.

What does a project manager need to bring? The most important thing for this job is technical understanding. Everything else is learned in practice when working on projects on site. With every project you can develop yourself further through the experience you have gained.

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