What comes after graduation?

What comes after graduation?

25. February 2021 von SImon Kloetzing

You have successfully completed your studies and now what? Many people ask themselves this very question only after graduation and then the job search begins. Depending on how interdisciplinary the study was structured, many jobs come into question. One begins to search the websites of the surrounding companies and hopes for an appealing job description. But what are companies in the pharmaceutical industry actually looking for? What exactly is behind positions such as Validation Expert, Quality Manager, Qualified Person, Project Manager, Plant Engineer or GMP Compliance Manager? What are the differences between the areas of responsibility? Do I really have the right tools? As a graduate, I cannot yet offer the required professional experience of 5-10 years. Can I let a 15-line job description decide my future plans? Isn't the first job particularly important for setting the course for a successful career? And what do I actually as my salary expectations?

During the application phase, questions like these and more can keep you busy. Personally, I applied more on the shotgun principle: The more the better. Then the waiting begins. What came out for me, besides a few rejections, was one or two interviews. But somehow it all didn't really fit. In the next step, I found out that, in addition to the actual pharmaceutical companies, there are also many independent consultants and project managers. Almost every major pharma project is supported by many service providers. From the pharmaceutical companies, external expertise is quickly and easily commissioned.

This saves the companies long application procedures and possible training of career starters. That's how I ended up here, with an external service provider: Behrens Projektmanagement. And this job really excites me. You work your way into many different areas of responsibility and get to know many different systems and processes. There is the chance to be involved in a project from the very beginning: from the start of planning and design, through manufacturing and testing at the supplier, to commissioning, qualification, validation, and finally to handing over the plant to the customer. Not only is the range of tasks exciting and different from project to project, you also get to meet many interesting people along the way. In addition, with every project, with every pharmaceutical company, the subject areas and requirements for the process plants are different, which means a varied working environment. Sometimes it's the design of an ultrapure water plant, or at other times it's an increase in the production capacity of a filling line. production capacities of a filling line.

Here, Behrens Projektmanagement promotes participation in many training and continuing education programs. Individual, targeted, and based on the strengths and interests of the employees. By starting at Behrens Projektmanagement, I got to know an exciting field of work, gained insights into the work of different companies and personally gained my first important professional experience. Today I know that I would start here again at any time. Through my work at Behrens Projektmanagement, what seemed so incredibly opaque at the beginning became much clearer. world of pharmaceutical companies.

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