Project manager is like national coach - anyone can do it!

Project manager is like national coach - anyone can do it!

19. March 2021 von Detlef Behrens

Every soccer fan is familiar with the situation: When spending a soccer evening with friends in front of the TV at home, everyone would choose a different lineup and not even include some players in the squad. Often there is also criticism of the coach for his substitutions and replacements, which do not make any sense at all, etc.

However, it should be noted that the majority of these people are "hobby players" at best and therefore have no qualified position. The tactics and analyses that the trainer prepares and evaluates in advance are not relevant for their opinion. Also possible other reasons, which are not obvious for the spectator, but which the coach has in the back of his mind, are not taken into account. Nevertheless, everyone thinks they know know and be able to do better than the national coach!

This is also the case in a project: Many people think they have mastered project management and know exactly what needs to be done. And that's what they say. They don't even know the countless boundary conditions, work package dependencies and stakeholder expectations that the project manager has to take into account in every decision. Above all, this requires a lot of experience and precise project planning, for which you also need the appropriate qualifications. A Jogi Löw is not national coach just because he has read the rules. And you can certainly achieve good performance through good theoretical knowledge in various areas - like some coaches in the Bundesliga. However, in order to successfully complete a complex project as a whole, not only specialist knowledge but also experience that is not in the book is required.

I often think that the national coach feels the same way before, during and especially after a game as I do before, during and after a project. Everyone has a say, even though no one really sees the big picture. And afterwards you're always smarter anyway. Then these “lessons learned” sessions are also held with pleasure, in order to do it better next time. It's just stupid when the next project involves new, inexperienced people who don't even know the "lessons learned" meeting minutes. Valuable experience remains unused and costly and time-consuming mistakes are repeated. If you need support and advice for a successful project flow, please feel free to contact me. Behrens Projektmanagement can support your project with experienced and GPM/IPMA certified employees. This can be the assumption of the overall project management as well as a sub-project management, for example in the area of deadline monitoring (scheduling). In addition, we also offer project audits according to DIN 69901 in order to identify undesirable developments and take corrective measures before it is too late. I look forward to your contact. Detlef Behrens Tel.: +49 6421 / 968 92 00 Email: Message via the contact form

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