Large corporation vs. start-up

Large corporation vs. start-up

26. January 2022 von leonie-rottenbach

At some point, each of us is faced with the all-important question: Where do I want to work? On one shoulder sits the large corporation, which is adorned with extremely attractive benefits. On the other shoulder sits the start-up, which arouses interest with its flat hierarchies and family atmosphere. But who should make the decision here? Who should be pushed off the shoulder and who can stay? Is there a definite answer here? First of all I want to take away the illusion from you. I will not make your decision on your dilemma for you. But maybe I'll be able to give you a few impulses so that you can find the right path for yourself.

The large corporation – if you value security, this is the place for you. Big corporations are great. They offer both beginners and experienced professionals a safe environment, a secure income, a secure everyday work and in general a lot of security. Be it the company pension, job security or working hours. As a beginner, you can quickly learn how to use systems such as SAP or Office, and as an experienced professional you simply know what you are getting yourself into. You offer large, extravagant company events and if you tell your neighbors about the company, they will certainly know what you are talking about. In large corporations, it is difficult to bring about serious change. Most of the time you are a small cog that keeps the clock running. Without you, the clockwork only runs half as well, but it runs.

The Start Up - The Maker:innenclub In a start-up, everyday life is a bit different than in a large corporation. If you are looking for security here, you are in the wrong place. Here everyone is everything. From the office worker who prepares and proposes a strategic company decision to the managing director who also quickly wipes through the offices. Daily changing tasks require a high level of flexibility. In the start-up, the doers come together, who find it repugnant to work through the same processes and routines day in and day out. Who prefer the dynamic speedboat to the lumbering tanker. Start-ups offer excellent entry opportunities for self-discovery and realization for young professionals. And even experienced professionals can become doers here thanks to their profound expertise. You have less security here and your neighbors will most likely not know the company. At least until you introduce the company, possibly your company. They are the clockwork without which the clock loses its meaning.

So what are you supposed to do now? It is important to realize that there is no right or wrong, good or bad here. You have to decide for yourself what you want. Do you want security and a regular working day because maybe the children are waiting for you at home or you are simply a security-loving person? Do you want to make a difference, uproot trees and take on the most diverse roles in everyday work? Do you need a solid, secure income? Do you want to be the cog or the clockwork? Here at Behrens we have The Best of Both Worlds. We are a medium-sized company that is still growing. By working independently in flexible working hours and being very close to business decisions, our employees have the opportunity to actively help shape the development of the company. In addition, family friendliness is an essential aspect of our corporate policy. We do not see the compatibility of family and work as a contradiction, but rather as a symbiosis. At the same time, you do not have to do without benefits such as company pension schemes.

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