100 projects in 10 years

100 projects in 10 years

26. April 2022 von Federica Bal

Sometimes it goes faster than expected: In 2011, Detlef Behrens - at that time a new founder - decided to send his first order inquiries to companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. At the same time, he approached Rhein Biotech from Düsseldorf and Warner Chilcott from Darmstadt, initially estimating 2.5 and 3.5 working days per week. As usual, he expected to be notified that the offer would be reviewed and contacted if necessary. But instead, both companies promptly sent an email with a direct order.

Although a total of six days were not originally included, they represented the ideal opportunity to get started in management consulting, so that the young entrepreneur accepted both orders in full. From then on, the orders with other companies piled up. In 2012, the sole proprietorship became a GmbH with a total of three employees. Many other projects followed, including by Bayer, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche and CSL Behring. Due to the good order situation, the number of employees has also increased to 23 colleagues who work in various companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. The project orders from the companies are by no means rigidly fixed for a certain period of time, but vary and can last between one day and several years. I

t is precisely this diversity and movement in professional life that is of interest to many employees and enables them to gain a wide range of experience within a relatively short period of time. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the rapid development of the BioNTech vaccine against SARS-CoV-19 and the expansion to the Marburg site, Behrens project management also gained a new customer with BioNTech with new tasks for the deployment of its staff. The company was already familiar with the Behringwerke site; the largest order to date, a successfully completed conversion measure, was carried out for Novartis. In addition to BioNTech, projects for Qiagen, Ferring, GSK, Berlin-Chemie, Roche and CSL Behring are currently being managed. With these orders, a new milestone was also reached this year: the 100th project. In 10 years to 100 projects, which have been and are being carried out with the highest level of professional competence and expertise.

Another milestone in the ten-year history of BPM, which underlines the quality of the work of the management team. A milestone to be followed by many more.

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