Creative days 2022

Creative days 2022

20. October 2022 von Federica Bal

Every year at the beginning of October all employees of Behrens Projektmanagement GmbH get together on the occasion of the company's company birthday on October 2 for one or more creative days. After the last Creative Day took place in Munich in 2021, this year it was celebrated in the celebrated this year in the city of the company's headquarters, Marburg. Already on the evening the team met at the "5 Jahreszeiten" restaurant for dinner and to get into the for dinner and to get in the mood for the next day together.

The team of Behrens Projektmanagement at the joint dinner in "5 Jahreszeiten"

The next day, October 7, we gathered in the conference room of the hotel VILA VITA Rosenpark. In the opening speech of our managing director, Mr. Behrens, he explained to the team the the current state of the company in comparison to the previous year and thanked for the good cooperation. After that the official program continued. This year the focus was on the generation of new ideas and solution proposals for a more efficient for a more efficient work at the customer and in the team at Behrens project management. The team was divided into three groups, which dealt with the with the given questions. The topics included the delegation of tasks delegating tasks and the implementation of tasks at the customer's site and remotely. remotely. Half an hour of brainstorming later, the ideas that had been collected were ideas were discussed. Some were directly scheduled for implementation.

Brainstorming in groups with subsequent presentation of the collected ideas

After that we continued with the next question, but before that we had earned a break. Strengthened, we continued with the next program item. As a lecturer at the Technical University of Central Hesse, Mr. Behrens often has a certain model from one of his lectures ready, which we are to work out and apply to the and apply it to the company. This time we dealt with the topic Customer satisfaction based on the Kano model. The Kano model defines the different satisfaction levels of a customer during a project. It distinguishes between "basic requirements", "performance requirements" and "enthusiasm requirements". The basic requirements are the expectations that every customer has when a contract is signed. These can be, for example, punctuality, confidentiality or reliability. A performance requirement is what is not specified in the contract but results in smooth, high-quality work. Anything beyond that are enthusiasm requirements. They are not expected in any case, but they are appreciated and provide great satisfaction to the customer. During the elaboration of different satisfaction levels, we launched a matching poll on Instagram. It was interesting to know in which category our followers put the practical examples we gave them. Click here to go to our Instagram account and view the stories:


Punctuality is a basic requirement

Training is a performance requirement

Cake brought to work is an enthusiasm requirement

Already from the company philosophy and quality policy of Behrens Projektmanagement, we know that values such as customer satisfaction customer satisfaction are among the most important and the ones we live by. Our goal is to win the enthusiasm of a customer and to always be between between the categories of performance and enthusiasm requirements. move. In the late afternoon, the official creative part of the day was over. Detlef Behrens had planned a surprise evening program for all employees. surprise for all employees as an evening program. Weeks before, we were all pondering what the surprise could be. In the evening at the meeting point he finally revealed the secret. the secret: we went to the show of cabaret artist Abdelkarim in the KFZ Marburg and ended the day in a particularly funny way.

Many thanks at this point to our boss and the whole team for the wonderful day together! We are looking forward to next year!

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