Company philosophy and quality policy

Behrens Projektmanagement GmbH not only wants to satisfy its customers, but also wants to inspire them again and again. This is only possible through the consistently high quality of our services.

We achieve this high quality through the following measures:

  • We offer our customers reliable planning and implementation of their projects with clearly defined goals for costs, deadlines and performance targets.
  • We advise and support our customers personally in every planning phase.
  • We regularly inquire about customer satisfaction.
  • We respond individually to the respective customer requirements and adapt our way of working to the requirements of the customer – not the other way around!
  • We know the current regulatory requirements, advise our customers on them and train our employees on them on a regular basis.
  • We select our employees for customer projects according to their individual strengths and experience in order to ensure short training periods. If necessary, we develop existing strengths through targeted training for the respective customer project.
  • We work integratively as part of the customer’s team.
  • Our appearance is professional, competent, optimistic, friendly and level-headed.
  • We are committed to the achievement of our customers’ goals..
  • We avoid errors by analyzing and evaluating errors that have occurred, we achieve constant improvement in our service and advice.
  • Our employees are promoted and further qualified in their specialist knowledge, methods and social skills..
  • Our approach in project management is based on the internationally recognized rules of the IPMA / GPM for competence-based project management.