Efficiency in project management is a decisive success factor, especially in large companies where the most diverse projects and locations intertwine.

The explanation is easy to follow: In addition to their own projects, employees also have to keep an open eye on key interfaces in other areas and their related functions. In most scenarios, this cannot be achieved in a day-to-day business. Head of External Manufacturing Biotech, Dr. Karsten Kattmann: “I wanted to enhance the projects at Bayer Pharma with structure in order to optimize their efficiency. That’s why I got the support of an experienced project manager, Detlef Behrens, who significantly improved the output, especially regarding to transparency, deeper planning structures, as well as identifying and avoiding risks. An employee from Behrens Projektmanagement regularly trained our employees on site from risk analysis up to effectively controling a project, using our very own project examples which already existed in project structure planning. The benefit for Bayer Pharma is therefore the optimum. “

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