Your project is not going as you expected?


Often, minor project delays and cost increases are tolerated in project team meetings or management meetings. What difference does a delay of 5 days make to a project lasting several months? However, such effects do not occur only once, but with a certain regularity. And so, in the course of a project, delays of several weeks or cost increases in the double-digit % range quickly occur. The reasons for this are not always obvious. But the consequences can be considerable! For example, what damage is caused by an assumed loss of sales alone for the period of the project delay, during which you actually thought your products were already on the market? Added to this are additional project costs due to the prolonged need for resources.


If you notice such creeping schedule delays or cost increases in your project, we recommend a comprehensive analysis of the current project. Our project management specialists will come to your project and carry out the following measures, among others:



As a result, you will receive an audit report with specific causes for the deviations that occurred and suggestions for improvement.


A project management wisdom says: "Tell me how your project starts and I will tell you how it ends". The project start is crucial for the successful execution of the entire project. We therefore recommend carrying out a structured audit in accordance with DIN 69901 even at the start of the project in order to uncover weak points and avoid setting the wrong course from the very beginning. In this way, the entire project process is optimized right from the start.

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