Project Management

Project Management

The success of a project is not only determined by budget and schedule compliance, but of course also by the service provided, which the client receives as a result. These three parameters form the magic triangle. Behrens Projektmanagement hands over the project object complete and functional without compromise. Compliance with the target specifications is continuously monitored by the integrated project quality management and brought into line with the requirements.

This project quality management includes:

Project consulting and deviation management.

Both in the run-up to an intended project and during its implementation, consistent support from our experts is useful. This will provide you with the information you need to make important decisions.

Document management

"What is not documented, has not been done" - this is not only true for the documentation of production processes, but also for all project procedures.

Project documentation clearly structured by Behrens Projektmanagement is essential for the smooth running of your project. In this way, all project participants can find and edit the required documents at any time.

Change management

No project is complete without changes. However, changes should never be implemented "on demand". Our specially developed change management system has already proven to be user-friendly and uncomplicated in several projects. This way, you always keep control and an overview of all requested and approved changes and their impact on costs and deadlines.

Risk and opportunity management

For professional risk management, it is not enough to be able to operate project management software. It takes experience to correctly assess the probability of risks occurring and to derive appropriate buffer times or budgets. In cooperation with Behrens Projektmanagement, you will learn in advance which events could affect your schedule or significantly increase your costs. This way, you are prepared for many eventualities.
However, projects do not only involve risks, but also opportunities. Evaluating these and monitoring their occurrence is also part of our expertise.

Interim Project Management

As interim project managers, we can step in at short notice when personnel bottlenecks occur. If desired, the assigned employees can also take over only certain project phases, for example to competently accompany the project start.

Clinical trial management

Project management plays an important role within clinical trials. As an interface, it covers all functions from the planning and start of the study to the final report. Behrens Projektmanagement offers you an all-round carefree package thanks to its profound expertise and the soft skills required to develop the various communication strategies with the stakeholders.

Our project managers know what is important and are familiar with ICH-GCP as well as the follow-up of AE and ADR and the important correspondences with BOB, ethics committee, study physicians and subjects.

Is there a risk to the study patients? Is it an ethically correct continuation of the study What does ICH-GCP conformity mean?

Contact us and we will guide your study through experience to success!

Your project is not running as you expected it to?

The reasons for this are not always obvious. In this case, a comprehensive analysis of either the current project or the applied project management methods is recommended. As a result, you will receive an audit report with concrete causes for the deviations that have occurred and hints for improvement.

Project quality optimization

What if "right first time" did not remain just a phrase?

Quality management should serve to prevent errors. But even in the planning and execution of qualification or deviation and CAPA management, "right-first-time" is the exception rather than the rule. Costly and time-consuming rework is the result. Therefore, you can rely on the experience of GMP specialists: Behrens Projektmanagement supports you with far-sighted planning and thus optimizes your project process in advance.

We conform to DIN ISO Norm 9001:2015