Who supports in groundbreaking decisions?

Clarity of decision is required for projects of investment. In order to bridge personal bottlenecks, external specialists are required who can get quickly into the deeper mindset of each topic needed.

Who controls the basic engineering for a plant expansion?

The basic engineering of a plant expansion for solid forms production requires precise project management.

Who optimizes the stability program?

Behrens Projektmanagement updated and optimized the stability program on site, according to international guidelines.

Who leads a project in the field of pharmaceutical bulk packaging?

Collaborating with Boehringer Ingelheim, we took on the project management of bulk packaging including content of inventory, risk analysis and ensuring quality and compliance with regard to pharmaceutical packaging, sampling aids and packaging aids.

Who coordinates the multi-project management in the R&D area?

The simultaneous management of three projects (solid drugs development including packaging, manufacturing of hard gelatine capsules and a packaging project) contracted with Catalent Manufacturing requires an overview through clear structures.

Who helps out on a short notice?

At the time on which a vacancy poped up in project management, Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH Frankfurt was at the beginning of a complex development project for a dermal filler (medical product according to MPG / ISO 13485).

Who upgrades an aseptic production area?

In this investment project the tasks were divided between structural measures, clean room qualification and the preparation of the for-submission-documents to the FDA.

Who maintains a steady overview of things?

Efficiency in project management is a decisive success factor, especially in large companies where the most diverse projects and locations intertwine.

Who provides a program management guideline?

Behrens Projektmanagement created an extensive program management guideline based on a SharePoint page.

Assistance with the manufacturing of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

Due to the Corona pandemic is the BioNTech project extremely urgent. Despite the enormous pressure associated to this, the quality of all the work and production processes must not suffer as a result.