Feasibility Studies, Site Master Planning, Concept Studies

Is the project feasible?

In preparation of the project approval, Behrens Projektmanagement provides studies analysing the feasibility and scope of your project. The consultants check various alternatives and discuss the frame conditions of the project. All the results are formatted according to the requirements and provided to you as project owner for the final decision.

The Portfolio includes creation of

-Feasibility Studies

-Site Master Plans

-Concept Studies and Preliminary Planning

Who can do it? Help with choosing the proper engineering office and equipment manufacturer

After deciding in favour of project realisation, you need planning partners (e.g. architecture or process facility planning offices) who can understand and exactly implement your requirements and wishes.

The different planning offices for detail planning and implementation of process facilities (e.g. pipeline construction) have different focuses and experiences. Simply comparing the prices can lead to wrong decisions. Behrens Projektmanagement gladly helps you with choosing an adequate engineering office. During the project we monitor and control the chosen company.

That is correspondingly also true for equipment manufacturers who you want to task with the delivery of production facilities for your project. Behrens Projektmanagement can contribute extensive experience to this topic as well.