The project success is not only determined by compliance with the budget and deadline, but also by the performed service that the project owner receives as a result. These three parameters constitute the magical triangle. Behrens Projektmanagement delivers the subject of the project complete and fully functional, without compromising. Compliance with the set targets is continually supervised and aligned with the requirements by the integrated project quality management.

This project quality management includes:

Project Consulting and Deviation Management

The consistent supervision by our experts is sensible both before and during a planned project. Thereby you receive all necessary informations to make important decisions.

Document Management

„What is not documented, has not been done“ – that is not only true for the documentation of production processes, but also for all project procedures. The project documentation, clearly structured by Behrens Projektmanagement, is essential for the unobstructed flow of your project. This way, everyone involved in the project can find and edit the needed documents at any time.

Change Management

No project without changes. But changes may never be implemented “on demand”. Our specifically developed change management system has proven itself user-friendly and uncomplicated in various project. Thus, you stay in control at any time and can keep track of all requested and granted changes and their impact on costs and due dates.

Risk and Opportunity Management

For a professional risk management, it is not enough to be able to operate a project management software. Experience is needed to correctly estimate the occurrence probability and deduce adequate buffer times or budgets. Working with Behrens Projektmanagement, you learn beforehand which  incidents could influence your schedule or significantly inflate your costs. That way you are prepared for many eventualities. But projects do not only hold risks, but also opportunities. Evaluating these and monitoring their espousal is also part of our expertise.

Further services in the field of project management

As interim project manager, we help out at short notice when there are staffing shortages. If desired, the deployed colleagues can also take over only certain project phases, for example accompanying the project start professionally.

Looking for a project manager for clinical studies?

Project management plays an important role within the clinical studies. As interface, it contains all functions from planning and start of the study up to the final report. With profound expertise and the necessary soft skills to elaborate different communication strategies with the stakeholders, Behrens Projektmanagement offers you an all-round carefree package. Our project managers know what is important and are well versed in ICH-GCP as well as tracking of AE and ADR (?) and the important correspondences with BOB, ethical commission, study doctors and study subjects.

Is there a danger to the study patients? Is the continuation of the study ethically correct? What is ICH-GCP conformity?

Approach us and we lead your study to success through experience!

A project management saying goes: „Tell me how your project starts, and I´ll tell you how it ends.“ The project start is crucial for the successful realisation of the whole project. Therefore we recommend performing a structured Audit according to DIN 69901 already in the beginning of the project to discover flaws and avoid taking wrong paths from the start.

Your project is not going as you imagined?

The reasons for that are not always obvious. In this case an extensive analysis of either the ongoing project or the used management methods is advisable. As result you receive an audit report with precise reasons for the occurred deviations and indications for improvement.

What if „right first time“ wasn’t just a saying?

Quality management is meant to avoid mistakes. But even when planning and performing qualifications or the deviation and CAPA management, „right first time“ is more often an exception than the rule. The result is cost-intensive and time-consuming rework. Trust in the experience of GMP specialists; Behrens Projektmanagement supports you with long-sighted planning and therefore already optimises your project flow beforehand.