Even if our employees come from different subjects and work independently, we are a team connected by a strong sense of unity. The personal ‚YOU‘ is very important to us. We set no great value on hierarchies. Every employee can and should participate actively with his or her skills and engagement to develop the company.

As important as the satisfaction of our customers is the honest appreciation of our employees who are regularly evaluated and self-critically analysed by the management. We expect a lot, but we have much to offer, too! – Just convince yourself.

Our highlights as overview – 10 reasons to apply for Behrens Projektmanagement:

  1. Company pension scheme for more future-proofness
  2. Comprehensive trainings
  3. Own company car
  4. Compatibility of family and career
  5. Attractive employee benefits
  6. Employee bounties
  7. Company events to strengthen solidarity
  8. Group accident insurance
  9. Social commitment
  10. Flexible working models
  11. possibility for a sabbatical