Pharmaceutical and medical engineering

Feasibility and concept studies

Feasibility studies, site master planning, concept studies

Is the project feasible?

In the run-up to project approval, Behrens Projektmanagement prepares studies that analyze the feasibility and scope of your project. The consultants examine different variants and discuss the general conditions of the project. All results are prepared according to requirements and presented to you as the client for project decision.

The portfolio includes the preparation of:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Site master planning
  • Concept studies and preliminary planning

Who can do it?

Assistance in the selection of suitable engineering firms and plant constructors

Once the decision has been made to carry out the project, you need planning partners (e.g. architectural and process plant planning offices) who understand your requirements and wishes and can implement them precisely.

The various planning offices for the detailed planning and execution of process plants (e.g. pipeline construction) have different focuses and experience. Price comparisons alone can lead to wrong decisions. Behrens Projektmanagement will be happy to help you select a suitable engineering firm. We then monitor and control the selected company during the project.

This also applies, mutatis mutandis, to plant engineering companies that you would like to commission to supply production equipment for your project. Here, too, Behrens Projektmanagement can contribute extensive experience.

Layout planning

You have an idea for a conversion, extension or new building project and need initial plans of how this idea could be implemented?

With the experience from many projects in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, our pharmaceutical engineers create first drafts for possible building and room layouts. These include the adequately dimensioned personnel and material locks, the rooms with the process equipment, the corridors and staging areas, and the technical areas. They always keep in mind the optimal arrangement of the rooms for the best possible personnel and material flow.

These designs can then be used to develop further drawings such as cleanroom zone plans, ventilation area plans and pressure stage plans.

Dienstleister Projektmanagement Healthcare

From many projects from € 50,000 to € 168 million, we know the requirements for these project phases very well. We take your requirements and use them to create the operator requirements, also known as the User Requirement Specification (URS). You can also rely on us to provide you with sound advice on the current state of science and technology. Our goal is to provide you with exactly the system you need. Not less, but also not more.

Based on these operator requirements, we then obtain quotations from previously selected suppliers, evaluate them and compile a comparison of offers. If desired, we also accompany the contract award negotiations with the plant manufacturers.

Once the plant has been ordered, we prepare the next steps, such as planning the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) or preparing the planned space.

We coordinate the FAT, write the protocol and then take care of the timely delivery and installation of the system in your plant. Together with the supplier's technicians, we then carry out the commissioning of the system in accordance with previously prepared and approved commissioning plans. The documentation is of course GMP-compliant so that successful tests can be referenced in the subsequent qualification if necessary.

Finally, we carry out the formal plant acceptance test, also known as the site acceptance test, and also prepare the protocol for this with a list of any remaining work that may be required.


Would you like further training?

Behrens Projektmanagement offers customized training courses and seminars for your employees on the following topics:

  • Project management basics
  • Project management tools
  • GMP basics
  • GMP in-depth training
  • Qualification / Validation
  • Further topics on request


The training will be adapted exactly to your needs. If desired, examples from your own company will be discussed. This significantly increases the learning success and enables targeted and effective questions for your specific challenges. All seminar participants can thus apply their acquired knowledge directly in their daily work.

Technical Due Diligence

Preparation and support of technical due diligence

In the case of a planned takeover of factories, industry-specific plant knowledge is required for the valuation of the plant inventory. The valuation usually carried out by management consultants on the basis of asset book values is not sufficient. It rarely corresponds to the actual utility value of the assets and does not include any necessary improvement expenses.

Let our experience flow into your takeover project.

Process optimization

Process - optimized!

There is potential for improvement in almost every process. Using effective research methods, Behrens Projektmanagement tracks down this potential and makes it usable for you. Our experience helps to address your individual circumstances and thus find the best solution for you without imposing standard business consulting tools on your process. Which method is used (e.g. Six Sigma, cause-effect diagram) depends on the individual task.

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