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Company philosophy and quality policy

Behrens Projektmanagement GmbH strives not only to satisfy its customers, but to inspire them time and again. This is only possible through a consistently high quality of our services.

We achieve this high quality through the following measures, among others:

  • We offer our customers reliable planning and execution of their projects to clearly defined cost, schedule and performance targets.
  • We advise and support our customers personally in every planning phase.
  • We regularly inquire with the customer about his satisfaction.
  • We respond individually to each customer requirement and adapt our working methods to the customer's requirements - not the other way round!
  • We know the current applicable regulatory requirements, advise our customers on them and regularly train our employees in them.
  • We select our employees for customer projects according to their individual strengths and experience to ensure short training periods. If necessary, we build on existing strengths through targeted training for the respective customer project.
  • We work integratively as part of the team at the customer's site.
  • Our appearance is professional, competent, optimistic, friendly and level-headed.
  • We go far beyond what is expected to achieve the goals of our customers.
  • We avoid mistakes by analyzing and evaluating errors that have occurred, thus achieving continuous improvement in our service and consulting.
  • Our employees are constantly promoted and further qualified in their technical, methodical and social competences.
  • Our approach to project management is based on the internationally recognized IPMA/GPM rules for competence-based project management.

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Every company started small at some point.

We have come a long way from our founding to where we are today. But we are still a long way from reaching our goal. We are looking forward to the milestones that lie ahead of us. Accompany us on our most important stations.

2011 October 2,
Foundation of the company Behrens Projektmanagement as a sole proprietorship. Start of first customer orders for investment projects
2012 August 22,
Certification of Detlef Behrens as Senior Project Manager according to GPM/IPMA Level B
2012 September 1,
Hiring of the first employee
2013 November 26,
Conversion of the sole proprietorship into a limited liability company. Number of employees: 3
2014 October 2,
Introduction of an annual creative day on the occasion of the company anniversary
2018 August 1,
Successful participation in the "Family-friendly companies" competition of the city of Marburg
2018 November 1,
Annual sales exceed € 1.0 million for the first time Number of employees: 11
2021 May 29,
Participation in the recruiting fair women&work 2021. number of employees: 19
2021 July 16,
Planned DQS audit for certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
2021 August 3,
Successful certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
2021 October 2,
10th anniversary of Behrens Projektmanagement with creative day in Munich
2022 April 8,
Takeover of the 100th project
2022 October 21,
Our Managing Director Detlef Behrens receives the certificate for his doctorate! On October 21, 2022 the disputation for his dissertation "Optimization of efficiency and sustainability in pharmaceutical cleanrooms" took place.
2022 December 1,
Behrens Projektmanagement GmbH achieves annual sales of 2 million euros

We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015

With us you can be sure: We know the high quality requirements according to GMP, as they apply to the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, very well and follow them for every customer order according to the individual regulations in our customers' quality management system. In addition, we have established our own quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, which precisely regulates our internal processes, but also the interfaces. Our QM system was successfully audited by the independent institute DQS in August 2021.

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The advantages at a glance

  • Meeting customer requirements leads to higher customer satisfaction
  • Trust between customer and supplier also on an international level
  • Optimization of effectiveness and efficiency of all processes
  • Cost reduction due to fewer deviations
  • High employee satisfaction
  • Safeguarding of jobs
  • Improvement of product or service
  • Risk reduction in customer projects
Dr. Detlef Behrens

Dr. Detlef Behrens

Managing director

Dr. Detlef Behrens has been at home in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years as a project manager, plant manager and plant engineer. He knows all the hurdles and pitfalls of the business from his own experience and knows how to get around them. He also knows about the pressures in every single project and the impact on the people in the company.

His greatest passion, therefore, is to help managers and employees with his proven expertise to implement projects successfully - whether it is a highly complex 100 million euro investment or the reliable execution of a plant qualification.

Dr. Detlef Behrens is also a marathon runner and lecturer at the universities of Marburg and Giessen in the field of quality and risk management.

ISA Zertifikat We conform to DIN ISO Norm 9001:2015
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