BPM's Business Development Group

BPM's Business Development Group

18. August 2023 von Federica Bal

Behrens Projektmanagement has had a business development group since July 2023. This is there to control the development of the company with regard to new strategies, changing market requirements, maintaining competitiveness and opening up new customers and markets.

In order to help develop ideas for new company strategies, employees first had to apply internally. After numerous applications were received, a selection was made. The group consists of 6 team members who from now on meet to work out new ideas.

The kick-off meeting with all group members started on July 21, 2023 in one of the meeting rooms of the Villa Vita Hotel in Marburg.

The type of idea development is important in group work. The ideas should not only come from the team members, but from all employees. This input is then further elaborated at the meetings of the business development group, whereby the profitability, pros and cons, costs/effort and benefits are also considered and further analyzes such as the SWOT analysis or market analysis are carried out.

In addition, the exact procedures for developing an idea are also developed, which should facilitate the flow of information between the team members.

Once the team has developed an idea, it is passed on to management in a "dossier", which ultimately decides which of the ideas will be pursued further.

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