My start at Behrens Projektmanagement

My start at Behrens Projektmanagement

10. August 2021 von Marvin Schubert

After a successful application process for the position of project and quality engineer, there is unfortunately no suitable project at first. Some time later the cell phone rings - "Behrens" is on the other end of the line and asks if I'm still interested in the position. There is an exciting new project in Berlin that I could get involved with directly. From there everything happens very quickly: I drive to Marburg, sign the employment contract and barely two weeks later I'm in the car with my new boss on my way to Berlin for the first customer meeting.

It is about planning the replacement of a pharmaceutical production plant, including all the tasks that go with it: creating a schedule, clarifying the requirements for the new plant, designing room layouts and creating GMP documents. With a corresponding customer order, the project offers the opportunity to accompany the entire career from the idea to the finished system. Mr. Behrens describes it as "a nice project to start with" and I am also convinced that all parties can benefit from it.

The evenings end with relaxed conversations in Berlin's restaurants; the Covid-19 measures were very moderate due to the low incidences in summer 2020. Things get even more exciting on the return journey. I arrive in my new company car, which I'm happy to see that my generation has developed a somewhat intuitive feel for digital technology. In the following weeks and months I delve deeper and deeper into the scheduling and implementation of the project, initially with close supervision from Mr. Behrens, later becoming more and more independent. Training to refresh your GMP knowledge and an introduction to QM at Behrens Projektmanagement GmbH are given directly by the boss, an experienced speaker who works as a university lecturer. I accompany production processes, measure the premises and discuss with the customer about possible and required features of the new system. I test my way through hotels and restaurants across the city and spend a few hours on the freeway. I get to know a lot of nice employees at the customer and also my colleagues in the regular digital meetings.

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